Navigating the Site

A set of common navigational links appears at the top of every page. Options are added and removed as appropriate, but the most common set is depicted in the image below.

Main Navigation

"In the Collection"

This area of the home page provides quick links to areas of ready reference or collections of particular interest. "In the Collection" includes:

  • Folktale Library — a list of the collections of folktales included in the site
  • F&W Dictionary of Folklore — a link to Funk & Wagnall's Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend
  • Multimedia — the audio and video content available in the site
  • Tale numbers — a complete list of Arne-Thompson tale type numbers used in the site
  • Title list — a complete title listing for all the content in the site

Tale type numbers

Many of the folk and fairy tales in the site are indexed according to Arne-Thompson tale type numbers (a system for identifying and understanding major elements of tales that tend to be recurring. Eg tale type number 0171 identifies tales of or similar to The Three Bears). Where appropriate, these numbers will appear on the left of the screen. Clicking on a number will take the user through to a list of other tales indexed to the same tale type number.

A complete list of tale numbers included in the site is available by clicking on the Tale Numbers link in the "In the Collection" section of the home page.

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Navigating Content

Entry Page

Related entries (a)

Related entries based on Region/Country or Subject or a combination of these selections can be found via the navigation at the left of the screen. Check the boxes of the areas you are interested in and click Find to generate a list of related entries.

Expand your Research (b)

Every entry has a set of resources to help expand research that appear in the box on the right of the screen. These will vary depending on the content but can include Images, Maps, Internet Resources, and Multimedia content. The content of each is contextual, based on the indexing terms associated with the entry being viewed.

Table of Contents and Previous/Next section (c)

Content from many of the titles included in World Folklore and Folklife retains its Table of Contents, which is displayed in the right hand column. This allows the user to read more about that particular subject. Previous/Next links at the bottom of the page allow the user to page forward or back through the sections.

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Printing (d)

When viewing an entry, a user has the option of clicking the print link toward the top of the screen to view the page without any navigational elements. The browser can then be used to print a "clean" page as needed.

Citation (d)

Towards the top of every page is the Cite Article link that will show the specific citation for that entry. Citations also appear automatically on any pages that are printed. World Folklore and Folklife supports MLA style citations, for example:

Citation: Prahlad, Anand "Barbados" from The Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Folklore. World Folklore and Folklife Greenwood Publishing Group. 16 November 2006. <>.

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